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Quickly meet demand with the right inventory

Increase inventory visibility with powerful insights and trusted recommendations to balance your inventory investment and allocate resources to your high-performing, profitable products. Working from a personalized dashboard, you can quickly see all your critical KPIs, enabling rapid response to changes in supply or demand.

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The ultimate guide to inventory management

Learn about the six fundamental principles of inventory optimization that enable you to make informed decisions that balance current demand with future need.

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Inventory insights that power growth

Netstock layers predictive intelligence on your ERP data

Broad & deep inventory visibility

No more manual data gathering and painstaking spreadsheet management. Netstock automatically aggregates data from your ERP system, taking in supply chain and sales inputs to show you where you’re losing sales and revenue from stock-outs, and where you’re overinvesting in excess stock, all in a single view.

Automatic inventory classification

See the business value of every item in the warehouse. Netstock automatically classifies every item based on sales value and sales velocity, creating an intuitive matrix of product importance. This holistic inventory profile allows you to focus on your business’s most profitable and highest-demand items.

Prioritized dashboard

Netstock’s personalized and prioritized dashboards are pre-configured to show you the KPIs and metrics that matter most for your business and easily track performance. See the Top 5 SKUs under each KPI, such as stock-outs, excess stock and fill rate, and their classification, to recognize issues that require urgent attention and focus on actions that make the biggest business impact.

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Accurate planning

Efficiently replenish stock while reducing operating costs through multi-tiered distribution channels with material requirements planning that comply with ordering constraints such as MOQs, vehicle loading, lot sizes, and lot expiration dates.

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Creating data-driven inventory policy

Your customized dashboard gives you at-a-glance visibility and prescriptive, prioritized recommendations to drive inventory optimization. Netstock enables you to set smart inventory policies that support your business goals, drive rapid and meaningful improvements and realize significant capital savings.

Set target fill rates

Set fill rates by prioritized categories and track performance in real time.

Optimize ordering

Set ordering policies that balance dynamic lead times and supply risk to order the right amount at the right time to hit fill rate targets.

Automate ordering

Netstock automatically generates optimal orders based on your data-driven inventory policy — and seamlessly feeds that order information back into your ERP system.

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